All about us the Unrulee Crew

Unrulee Records was a life long passion of Nigel Bourne's aka King Unrulee and contact was made with both UK and Jamaican reggae artists, with riddims sent and voiced and the Mad Dog Riddim was produced, vinyls pressed and downloads uploaded. Since the birth of the Unrulee Records label in 2014 we now have over 40 tracks available on download and 10+ on vinyl with more vinyl releases being planned over the coming months and into 2018. 

The mixture of the Unrulee Rockers Int'l Sound System and the record label the Unrulee family are looking forward to the coming year sharing our music and entertaining you with a reggae selection of music suitable for all genres of reggae music lovers. Unrulee Rockers Int'l Sound System is available for parties, events, weddings, let us bring the reggae music to you. Contact us via the website and let us share the Unrulee passion of reggae with you.

Unrulee Records Family

Nigel Bourne aka KING UNRULEE

Nigel started collecting Reggae records at the age of 11. His passion for Reggae music grew over the years and in 1973 he formed a Reggae Sound System with Chris Steadman. This was the birth of Unrulee Rockers Sound System. It got its name, “Unrulee Rockers” through the principle, Nigel Bourne being a mischievous

youth and the Reggae vibe that influenced the sound system was the Rockers style of Reggae music. In 1983 his good friend Paul Maynard (aka Doc Maynard), who predominately listened to Rock Steady and Studio One music joined the sound system. At this point, the sound system was upgraded and a newer, bigger system was born. As digital music started to develop so did the styles of Reggae music and Unrulee Rockers began playing sets of music including Roots Reggae and dance hall tracks. Times were changing and the Unrulee Rockers were able to expand and were booked for gigs in clubs, pubs, outside events and private parties. As the years progressed so did the sound system which now includes artists and MC’s when playing out at gigs. King Unrulee had always dreamed of having a Unrulee Record Label so made his dream a reality. Unrulee Records has 40+ tracks out on download and 10 vinyls with many more productions in the pipeline. King Unrulee welcomes you to the realm of Unrulee. We have many products and look forward to your enquiries from records sales, how to hire Unrulee Rockers Int'l Sound System for an event, how to book the artists featured under our label and for artists get in touch with the Unrulee Records label. King Unrulee looks forward to introducing you to a new wave of reggae music.

Jules Girling aka JUST JULES

Jj (Just Jules) is a member of the Unrulee Records/Unrulee Rockers Int’l Sound System, that people don’t see, but what she brings to Unrulee is the photography, website, bios, galleries, download track artworks, flyers of our events, Facebook administration and making sure all of you followers have a great night out when you attend one of the Unrulee Records/Unrulee Rockers International Sound System events. You will see her behind the camera capturing our events. Jules has lived in the USA, New Zealand, travelled Thailand and Cambodia, Peru and Easter Island, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Victoria Falls, as well as side trips to Australia, California, Jamaica, Croatia and Europe, without a doubt seeing the world. Jules’ photography came into fruition when she moved to North Wales, Snowdonia, where she set up her own Wedding & Portraits Photography business and successfully run this venture for over 10 years.This complimented working in the design industry as an Estimator/Studio/Account Manager with a knowledge of over 10+ years. She enjoys being a team player on delivery of the end product. Since moving back to the South of England to be nearer family and the Unrulee Records/ Unrulee Rockers family, Jules is now able to spend some time getting to know the Unrulee crew and promote them in the best way she knows, through social media, her creative eye and her photography. Just Jules is a great ambassador of Unrulee Records and Unrulee Rockers International Sound System. Unrulee Family 

Ras Nik

Ras Nik is a internet radio selecta/DJ, who has been a fan and collector of reggae for over twenty five years. Ras Nik has been doing radio on the internet for over four years. His very first reggae album was Reggae Hits Vol. 10 which he had on cassette and played all the time in his car. Since that time he has never stopped growing his collection and love for reggae music. Being on the radio has given Ras Nik the great opportunity to play the great reggae and liberated music to the people, along with interviewing some of the great reggae artists from upcoming to veteran. The journey continues.. WADADA

Catch Ras Nik on every Friday and Saturday night with a once a month Saturday Unrulee Vinyl vs Digital Show. 

Keeping the reggae vibes alive at the weekend.