Unrulee Artists

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UK Reggae Artists

General Levy

General Levy remains a Lionheart artist riding through the ups and downs of the music business and still maintaining focus, a love and joy for the business and people; and just like a fine wine getting even better with time and bringing the fire to any place he performs at! General Levy voiced Down Inna Ghetto on the first release from Unrulee Records - the Mad Dog Riddim. Available on download and on Double A side 7" vinyl with Isha Bel's - They Should Know on the AA side. 

Earl Sixteen

During 1991/2 he was at Ariwa Sounds, recording Babylon Walls and several fine singles for the Mad Professor. Since then he has voiced for a growing number of UK producers with varying degrees of success, and appeared on tracks by Dread Zone and Leftfield. He made his major label debut in 1997 with Steppin’ Out for WEA Records. The Unrulee Family loving the Blood and Water track released vocalled by Earl Sixteen featuring Amelia Harmony. Available on 7" vinyl and download vocal and dub mixes. 

Amelia Harmony

Amelia was born, grew up and lives in the East Midlands. From a young age she has been blessed with the ability to sing coupled with strong songwriting skills. Amelia has worked along side various Reggae and jazz funk bands producing her own material. Her love of reggae began at at a young age and Amelia has worked with an array of producers in the roots scene such as 
Murray Man I-Universe... Mark Mostec...
King Earthquake... Masaai Warrior...
Unrulee Records

Erryl Attik

Erryl Attik hailing from Birmingham has joined the UK artists on the Unrulee Records label to bring you 2 great dancehall tracks. 'Lost Without Your Love' available on 7" vinyl with vox and dub mixes. The follow up track 'Poor Man' is on download, vox and dub mixes available from all major download sites. Lost Without Your Love vinyl can be purchased through Dub Vendor, Dub Wise and other major Reggae record stores. Erryl has a vast track listing and we are sure you are going to love the two tracks out on our record label. 


His first experience of recording music was at the age of 5 and went on to work as a vocalist from the age of 12. He is a Nottingham resident with a wealth of knowledge of the underground music scene.  Whether it's his hard hitting grime style delivery or his smooth soft vocals on reggae. He is a lot of things to a lot of people with a work ethic that is unmatched. Kriptik has 3 tracks out on the Unrulee Records label be sure to check out the Reggae side of Kriptik. Still doing music in 2018 but also a professional boxer unbeaten in his career thus far. Unrulee Records supporting his continued success.

Da Fuchaman

Da Fuchaman! Born Zemroy Thomas (Recording Artist) is a reggae singer/MC and song writer born and raised in St Ann, Jamaica and is now living in the UK where he has built up a strong reputation for himself on the reggae music scene. Da Fuchaman is a vibrant and positive character who believes that if you focus more on the positive, then that’s what you get back. He is versatile in his song writing and you can find him fusing Roots Reggae with Dancehall, Ska, R’n’B and Hip Hop. 

Speng Bond

Speng Bond (aka James Bond, aka Papa Rhynie) veteran UK soundsystem MC out of Birmingham, has been delivering his unique brand of hard hitting, comical lyrics since 1974. One of Speng’s first recordings was a combination entitled ‘Fight Fe Come In’ on UB40′s album Bagariddim. More recently Speng teamed up with the Reality Shock family & recorded ‘Cut Backs’ with Kris Kemist. Check out the Unrulee Records release on the Wonkey Donkey Riddim - Pretty Like a Rose - one of the most popular downloads and streams. Available on download via iTunes and other major download sites - one for the playlist. 

Donovan Kingjay

Born in London, singer Donovan Kingjay spent his formative years in Lucea, Hanover, JA, before returning to the UK, where he finished his schooling and began his musical education. Formally known as “Singjay” he served his apprenticeship on Youth Sound Lord Creation before becoming a regular on East London’s King Original and North London’s King Josiah. Donovan has been influenced by Dennis Brown, Bushman and Luciano as can be heard when listening to the songs. Unrulee Records has 2 tracks released featuring Donovan Kingjay - The Ways of the Rightious & Stop the War on the Gunshot Riddim. Both available on download and 7" vinyl of the vocal and dub - Ways of the Rightious mixed by Mark Mostec. A great track to have in your vinyl box. 

MC Trooper

MC Trooper, Compere, Artist, Selector, Radio DJ Personality/Microphone Chanter and functioning member of The Twelve Tribes Of Israel (London) since 1979. MC Trooper mc's in clubs all around the UK and Europe. MC Trooper has always toured as an Artist mostly holding the mic on Roots Sound Systems delivering strong, positive, orthodox and culture lyrics to the World, on special occasions with a band on stage. Check out the MC Trooper tracks available on the Unrulee Records label download and on vinyl singing alongside Amelia Harmony on Broken Culture. 

Jamaican Reggae Artists


Chalice are a Jamaican reggae band formed in 1980, best known for their performances at the Reggae Sunsplash music festival. The band was formed in 1980, taking its name from a ganja smoking pipe, often used for ceremonious occasions. True to their name, the virtue of smoking weed was the subject of many of their songs. By 1981 they were a local success and in 1982 their debut album “Blasted”, spawned two hit singles in Jamaica. "I Still Love You" stayed at number one for seven weeks and "Good To Be There" broke the Top 10 the following year. In concert, Chalice make you get up and boogie. A live act not to be missed bringing any venue alive.

Fred Locks

Fred Locks was born on June 7, a Levi, the second of 12 children. Fred's talent was obvious, as he used to sing any song being played on the radio. At age 12, Fred wrote his first song “I Thought She Loved Me,”. “Black Star Liner” was recorded in 1975 and became a mega hit both in Jamaica and abroad. Fred Locks became a household name in the ska era, for Coxsone's “Studio One” label. Anywhere in the world there is a True Rastaman, Fred's signature 10 track album The Black Starliner is known. His electrifying performances are unbelievable for his size. Take a listen to Fred Lock's - Joy on the Gunshot Riddim. 

Vernon Maytone

Vernon Maytone (Vernon Buckley) started singing from the tender age of fifteen formed

the group The Maytones with his neighbour Gladstone Grant almost instantly went in the

studio after addition for Alvin Ranglin of GG records in Kingston Jamaica. The Maytones continued releasing hits through to mid-70's out of the Channel One recording studio, securing success with "Madness" which surfaced in the UK through Burning Sounds. Vernon fans are getting bigger and louder they can’t seems to get enough of him having

played throughout the UK and Europe, Reading Festival, Canada, United States including Dub Club Los Angeles 2007. Vernon has teamed up with Unrulee Records and “Roses” is the first of four tracks to be released from the Unrulee Records label. Now available Dancehall Nice Again, Spirit of the Maytones a Reggae collection for your daily playlist. 

Isha Bel

Isha Bel is a dynamic-performing artiste / songwriter from Kingston, Jamaica. She has worked in various capacities in the Jamaican music industry for some time. She has now stepped out as a solo artiste. Her roots-reality songs and spitfire performances have been seeping into the consciousness of audiences and listeners, both locally and internationally. King Unrulee of Unrulee Rockers Intl (UK) dubs her “Lady Lightning” with over 10 tracks out on the Unrulee Records label. Isha Bel, music is more than just getting on stage and singing a song. It is her way of being the story teller for the average person in the street. She stated her music is therapy, no bling or pie-in-the-sky living. It is firmly grounded in what’s real, her take on real life positivity.

Blackout JA

Blackout JA aka Christopher Hendricks was born in Portland, Jamaica. Growing up in a musical household, his mother sang on the church choir and his father played a sound system called Universe, from Portland. Blackout JA has worked with General Lee who became his mentor because he was ask by the great Dennis Brown at the time to help the artist on his Journey. Check out the Unrulee Records Track Unstoppable by Blackout JA. Available on iTunes and other major download sites = 1 for the playlist.


Born ‘Ramone Drake’ Linstead, St.Catherine, Jamaica. This singjay/songwriter got his musical calling at the tender age of 14. Ramone decided on a moniker that best suited his vocal style and way of putting melodies to his lyrics, hence the name Melloquence was born, a by-product of the words ‘melody’ and ‘eloquence.’ He first came to the public’s attention in 2008 when he made top ten in the Magnum Kings And Queens Of Dancehall, a live televised talent competition on Television Jamaica (Jamaica’s national tv station). Since then Melloquence has gone onto writing and recording numerous tracks. Upon listening to Melloquence’s music, one can easily justify how the name his name Melloquence has manifested. Make sure you check out the riddims he has vocalled for Unrulee.


Mojiba Ase', also known Count Ossiec Pickney is a spiritually driven inspiring vibrant mogul. The daughter of the legendary Count Ossie who is known as one of the leading door openers for reggae music. Count Ossie is a Jamaican musical and cultural icon, master drummer, founder of the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari. Mojiba battled greatly with self doubt and a lack of self love for most of her life. A global inspiration and spiritual sensation to thousands if not millions. Her determination, hunger for self love and peace is responsible for reversing her traumas into opportunities. Mojiba is a chosen vessel who is committed to sharing knowledge and her life testimony with the world, knowing it can heal and empower others to embrace and love themselves unconditionally. 

Tommy Gunn

Born Emmett Thomas and given the name Tommy Gunn by his friend Omar Williams AKA Advance as a result of the fast hitting lyrics TG would deliver while in pursuit of his musical career. TG was raised in Spanish Town exposed to everything from good family streetside games too hard violent times which he uses in combination my prolific unique voice to further pursue my dream of becoming an artist. A passionate football player and also very in tune with track and field My First Love is always music, which is only rivaled partially by my love for giving jokes and making other people happy. Check out Tommy Gunn's - Be Dem Friend on the Mad Dog Riddim. Available on 7" vinyl vox and dub mixes and vox download via iTunes and other download sites.

Blak Warriah

Roots Reggae Rastafarian, sing-jay, Blak Warriah is a lightning-rod performer who’s voice and delivery is often compared to the likes of Capleton ,Tenor Saw, Culture and Jimmy Cliff. Born, Alfredo Anthony Allen, in Temple Hall, St Andrew, Jamaica, he grew up around music. Inspired by his father to do music, as a child he would hang around his father, singing his favourite songs, such as Bob Marley‘s “Three Little Birds”.  Steeped in Rastafarian/African consciousness, promoting positive, poignant and inspiring in his songs. His name represent his true nature as a soldier in Jah's army. When he is not making music, Black Warrior is busy creating jewellery and craft, or busy in the kitchen.

Freeza Boxx

Gary Jones AKA “Freeza Boxx” from St Elizabeth, Jamaica, is a dynamic Rastafarian dj/rapper/lyricist. He is an enviable, pint-size powerhouse of vocal delivery and performance in Jamaican parlance  "him full a style and pattan.” Freeza Boxx’s music is his life story. He is a man who has been through the travails but has the uncanny ability to bounce back from adversities. His cross-genre flavor appeals to varied music listeners. Though gritty at times, his songs reflects his hurdles, but always with the 
edgy-but-positive and upfull outlook on life. He list his influences as Tupac, Bob Marley, Biggie Small.

Wild Life

George Scott AKA “Wild Life”, ‘The Voice of Thunda’ is a baritone sing-ay/songwriter
whose culturally-conscious reggae offerings capture the root and vibes indigenous to
 the Jamaican experience. Born in the mountainous region of Clarendon, Jamaica, Wild Life first started singing in church and in school. Bridging traditions rooted in Wild Life’s music reflects a deep understanding of the Jamaican cultural offerings, drawing heavily on his rural upbringing. Wild Life showcases effortless vocal versatility, by seamlessly switching between the powerful rough vocal deejay style to a smooth singing style.